Men need the space and time to CONSCIOUSLY and MASSIVELY grow.


The space is Mexico.


This is YOUR time!


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Ascend Adventures - Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

February 24 - March 2, 2023










Strong Men Create Strong Men

Life is always happening and we all have a long list of commitments and people who rely on us.  

This is exactly why it's essential for men to take time away in a place where we can grow together.

Men have always had walkabouts, vision quest, the hunt, ceremony, and battle to provide the transformation necessary for the next phase of life.

But most of us don't have those initiations any more.

Without this time for reflection, introspection, sharing, bonding, struggle, epiphany, adventure, and breakthrough...  We become flat, uninspired, boring, and bored.

Many of the men I meet and work with have entered this place of plateau.  They are on the treadmill of life and operating on clarity from years ago, or from a truth that was never theirs.

If you are here, I'm assuming you are just like me...

If you were to die today, and you were able to sit in at your funeral, what would you hope to hear?

For me, I want to hear;

"He was a great man!"

This is the time for us to deepen our clarity, heal our wounds, and rediscover our passion and courage.  

Mexico is the perfect place to explore how ancient wisdom and the tools of modern transformation can take your life from where it is to where you always knew it could be!

Join me in the jungle.

Elevate your greatness!

Limited to the first 6 men!

Your adventure includes:

  • 6 days, 7 nights SHARED room accommodations in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico (single room upgrade available)
  • Pre-trip 1:1 Zoom session - I want to know WHO you are and WHAT you want to achieve.
  • Pre-trip group Zoom sessions
  • All meals included 
  • Tour of the Chichen Itza Ruins guided by a Mexican healer
  • Cenote and ocean adventures
  • Temazcal (Mexican sweat lodge)
  • Shamanic drumming journey
  • Fire ceremony
  • Sensorial Experience guided by a Mexican Shaman
  • Ancient wisdom teachings
  • Group personal growth processes, coaching, and healing
  • Down time for integration, relaxation, and your own adventures
  • Transportation from Cancun International Airport to the first hotel
  • Transportation from the last hotel to Cancun International Airport
  • Post-trip 1 hour 1:1 integration Zoom session
  • SURPRISE experiences - this is a trip designed to create transformation!
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About your guide

Dr. Morgan Oaks has spent the last 17 years on a quest for personal empowerment in the areas of body, mind, and spirit.

He's taken numerous extended walkabouts though Central America and he's excited to share the best of this area with small groups of men ready to take their lives to the next level.

Morgan is a transformational speaker, high performance coach, chiropractor, NLP Practitioner, and shamanic healer.  

By blending ancient wisdom with the tools of modern transformation he has created a powerful healing and personal growth modality that is perfect for this setting.

You are reading this for a reason. 

Make this YOUR year of massive transformation.


My Shamanic Teacher Always Said...

By the time you arrive to a ceremony, 90% of the transformation has already occurred.  

All you need to do is arrive at this men's retreat.  I've got you, and we've got each other.

Be present, play full-out, and step powerfully into the next chapter of your life!


Temascal (Mexican Sweat Lodge)

You've never experienced a sweat lodge like this! 

Gerardo's Temascal ceremony blends powerful ancient traditions to facilitate deep healing and life-changing epiphany.

Tour of Chichen Itza guided by a Mexican Healer

My first mind-expanding conversation with Guillermo was in 2010.  The tour in 2023 helped me understand more about Earth and all of the ancient sacred sites than anything I've read or watched in the last decade.

Fire Ceremony

This ancient ritual blends our need for both release and renewal.  You never know what the Fire will teach you and I never miss an opportunity to experience this powerful process.

Cenote and Ocean Adventures

There are over 6000 cenotes in the Yucatan.  We will explore a few in ways that will reignite your courage, your peace, and your sense of awe for life!

Sensorial Experience guided by a Mexican Shaman

Gerardo has been perfecting this one-of-a-kind heart-opening and mind-expanding ceremony for 23 years.

Experience Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and a few surprises in ways that will leave you forever changed.

David K.

My biggest take-away was to take time for yourself. Just taking a week to travel in ceremony and adventure is very good for your soul.

I found the trip to be an excellent example of the need to step out of the normal everyday and go out into the world. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day. The journey in Mexico was an adventure out of the 'usual' and allowed me to stop and re-examine what was important in my life.

My favorite experience on this trip is a toss-up between the Temazcal and the Cenotes. Somewhat on opposite ends of the spectrum, as the Temazcal drove one to introspection, and the Cenotes helped open the physical senses.

Yes, I would absolutely recommend this trip for others!

John E.

Since the trip I’m trying to find ways to get back into the during the trip serenity. I’m trying to get out into nature more. I’m more aware of things. I’m feeling more clarity about when I get frustrated with things that are My Will vs. God’s Will.

I’ve been telling people I went to the Hogwart’s for healers. I’m leveling up my capacity as a healer and working with people. I have an intention to pray more and do less. It feels like a different level of energetic work is happening with people.

I’ve been using some of the tools from the trip… shaking, calling myself back in. I’m moving the energy from my heart center to my hands, and from my head to my heart.

I’m really trying to honor what I said coming out of the sweat lodge and go from Will Driven to Spirit Led.

I have had some really good perspective shifts.

My biggest take away was during the day of the sweat lodge. That whole day was transformational and super special! I would like to repeat that as often as I can.

The whole day at Chichen Itza was special as well. You could do it like a tourist, or you could do it like we did.

Gary N.

My biggest take away was about doing more things for myself, something big like this trip. Also I got clear on how important my day-to-day routine is.

Even though I went to Joe Dispenza a year ago, I was with a group. This trip felt way more independent.

I liked being more physical on this trip and rappelling into the cenote. The transformation, the learning, the sweat lodge, and Gillermo at Chichen Itza…. NO ONE shares like that! The passion crossed with intimacy was unparalleled.

Courage Never Hesitates - Make Today the Day Your Life Shifts! 

After 18 years in the health, wellness, and personal growth industry, I KNOW this will be a POWERFUL event for all the men that join me on this adventure!

Ascend Adventures - Elevating Men's Greatness


Yucatan Penninsula, Mexico

  • Limited to 6 Men
  • $500 deposit due today to reserve your space.
I'm ALL in!