Dr. Morgan is a transformational speaker and high performance coach who...

...believes we all have a foundation of success and greatness to be celebrated and built upon.

In his winding career that has taken him from mechanical engineering and chiropractic to stand up comedy and transformational speaking, he has noticed one thing…  

The blending of who you are and what you already know only adds synergy as you step into the next evolution of your life or career.

As he learned as an engineer, most ground-breaking inventions are only 10% different from what already existed before.  That breakthrough in your life or career is likely only 10% different from what you are doing as well.

It was hitting his own plateau in life and business as a chiropractor that fully pulled Morgan into the areas of personal growth.  He knew that his own personal transformation was the key to moving past where he was stuck.  

What he has found in the last 18 years of exploration is that there is not just one way to heal or grow, and that many times the addition of two or more of the proper tools or techniques creates massive transformation.

In the years that followed, Dr. Morgan has studied and been trained in some of the most researched forms of transformation (Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Certified High Performance Coaching) as well as some of the more mystical (shamanism, sweat lodges, vision quests, ceremony, energy healing).

Some of the keys to true transformation involve letting go of or reframing what already exists so the unconscious mind can believe something new is possible.  

Since story and metaphor are two of the fastest ways to transform the mind, speaking is one of the most powerful ways to create powerful shifts in a short period of time.

When done properly, speaking goes way beyond entertainment, motivation, or inspiration and into the realm of true transformation.

Dr. Morgan blends ancient wisdom with the tools of modern transformation for a massively entertaining keynote that creates true transformation!

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