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Dr. Morgan Oaks is a transformational speaker and certified high performance coach whose focus is on elevating greatness.

The reality is we all have success and greatness in our lives already. By building awareness of this foundation, Morgan gives audiences and clients the tools to take their lives from where they are to where they have always wanted to be.

When we listen to our intuition and take courageously inspired action, our best life naturally unfolds.

Dr. Morgan's motto is "I want for you what you want for yourself".

His tools and skills include being a chiropractor, a Certified High Performance Coach, a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, and a shamanic practitioner.

Dr. Morgan blends ancient wisdom with the tools of modern transformation to bring synergy to personal growth.

"Dr Morgan is a gifted speaker, a highly effective healer, a powerhouse coach, and most importantly a radiant light of leadership in our world.  Having had the opportunity to hear him speak, I would highly recommend him for any stage.  He is engaging, inspiring, humorous, and uses metaphor in a way that creates instant transformation for the audience...  If you are considering hiring Dr Morgan for your stage, you will be glad that you made the right choice."

Devi A.

"Dr. Morgan is a fantastic speaker. He combines vivid story telling with humor and a powerful heartfelt message that guides you to listen to your intuition. I often remember his story of traveling and how important it is to listen to the whisper of our higher guidance, even during the most mundane daily tasks. He is totally awesome - his heart, generosity, humor, and he is always a gentlemen."

Holley M.

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