Who is managing the vibration and energy of your next event?

Who is managing what most people can't see, but EVERYONE CAN FEEL, at your next event?

You want your event to be the absolute best that it can be. 

You’ve coordinated the materials, the visuals, the audio, the video, all of it in the best way to provide your audience with the absolute best experience. 

But who is managing the vibration and energy of your event?  Setting and holding the space?  Clearing out the energy from the previous events, setting the energy for your event, keeping the energy flowing through out the entire time?  Who is helping you create and manage your own personal energy, helping you set and hold energetic boundaries for your self so you don’t take on your audiences “stuff” and aren’t energetically exhausted after?

I was at an event a while ago.  An AMAZING event where so much growth and transformation was occurring.  We could all see people’s lives being transformed in front of us.  The entire morning and early afternoon was so uplifting until… 

About mid-afternoon a group of my empathic friends and I  felt it.  The energy in the room got “thick”.  Instead of joy we felt a bit of anxiety and a lower energy.  I don’t mean a post-lunch carb crash.  I mean the energy came to a stand still in the room, and what was high vibrating positive energy before was replaced with the heavier energy of all that had been processed earlier in the day. 

I think we have all sensed it before.  Everything is going great and then the energy in the room shifts.  We see it all the time in relationships, family dynamics, smaller parties.  The same is even more true with larger groups and especially any event that is asking an audience to be more than they were when they entered.  To let go of what is no longer serving them.  To take a step into a something they may have never done before.

I see it like an “energetic sewer system.”  To let go of what has held someone back, to step into what is waiting for them, to do what they are trying to do, heavy energies work their way out.  Energetic “fecal matter” is one way to say it.  Clapping, breaks, exercises, shaking a neighbor work to break it up a little.  What’s actually needed is an true energetic framework to clean out the old residue before the event begins, energize and protect the speaker before they begin, and to keep the ugly stuff flowing out during the entire event. 

So who am I?  

My name is Dr. Morgan Oaks.  I’m a transformational speaker, a chiropractor, and a shamanic practitioner.  I’ve spent the last 13 years learning about energy and transformation.  I’ve spent that time studying from one end of the spectrum to another to make my life and the lives of those around me, greater.  Human health and energy, quantum physics, shamanism, energy work, ceremony, initiation, healing work, High Performance Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), house and business blessings, and soul work.  

I’ve also been to A LOT of seminars.  I follow what is being taught, as well as how it is being taught, and received.  How the energy moves through a room and through a crowd.  

That's where this work was born. 



What Others Are Saying...

Tiamo De Vettori - Fearless Speakers Emergence


"I had Dr. Morgan come out and assist me with one of my events, and let me tell you, that guy is amazing. If you are looking for someone who can set extraordinary space for your events, that can put together an environment where everyone will have what ever transformation they are wanting to create and will have what ever results they are wanting to have, even from an energetic perspective, laying that foundation is so important. Let me just tell you it was an extraordinary event! I would suggest you hire Morgan!"

Devi Adea
Podcast on Purpose VIP Event

"Dr. Morgan's ability to hold space and maintain a place for transformation happened all during the weekend, but especially when I had a major technical snafus full of error messages that almost derailed the process. I felt Dr. Morgan hold a supportive space for true vibrational miracles to happen… I still feel the reverberation of his influence to this day and cannot recommend Dr. Morgan enough if you want transformation to happen at your event."

Marie Ruzicka


We all feel when a seminar goes sideways.  When the energy shifts.  Before or after a key process. Before the transition to the sale or offering.  After one person goes through a process so big the entire room is moved.  I can see when the energy starts to side-track.  I can see it coming and know how to set it right.  I can sense when the message sent from the stage is not what is being received in the audience.  I feel the flow of an event and am excited to make sure YOUR message lands in the hearts and minds of YOUR audience.

So what do I do for you?

    • OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND - I can do all of the work without anyone knowing I did a thing.  I’m at the event, but the work is done behind the scenes to make you shine!
    • BEFORE THE EVENT - LOCATION - I set the energy before the event in a number of different ways:
        • You and I can have a short conversation so I know the general focus, flow, and desired outcome for the event - I can know as much or as little as you want me to know before the event begins. 
        • I energetically clean out the room before the event so only the energy you want for your event is there.  I infuse the energy you want to be experienced into the space.
    • BEFORE THE EVENT - SPEAKER - Energy creation and maintenance for the speaker or facilitator is a key factor.  As a doctor and a High Performance Coach I’ve got a number of tools to get you started on the right vibration and energy level.    
    • DURING THE EVENT - While the event is occurring, I am in the flow of what is happening with everyone else.  This is where I’ve learned to feel what everyone else is feeling, and where I do my maintenance work throughout the event.  If I need to leave the space to do it discretely, I will.  No muss, no fuss.  Was that from a commercial in the ’80’s?!  It’s what I do!
    • REAL-TIME STATS - Want feedback at the breaks?  Absolutely can do.  Want to stay in your own flow and not get feedback till later?  That works as well.  Some speakers want info during the event, some want an update at the end of each day or after the entire event, and some don’t want an update at all and are just glad the work was done.
    • POST EVENT - I want you 100% present at the event, and 100% not at the event, after the event.  You have the option of post-event feedback. What was great, where did things get stuck, what can be considered for the next event.  It’s also important to energetically detach from the event when it is over.  I know you have other things that will need 100% of you after the event and we make sure 100% of you is available. 
    • Want something else?  Are there other places you feel things grind to a halt or not flow as you would like?  Lets chat!  I love this work and I want to support your best!

Bring more Vibe and Energy to Your Next Event!

Reach out to Dr Morgan.  Have a conversation.  Curious about bringing more synergy and energy to your event while you still remain the star?  That is what this is all about.  Enter your info below and let's explore this together.


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